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About Us

The Nickzom Empire is a technology innovation company run by Idoko Nicholas Chinazom which comprises calculator, society, freelance and developer.

Nickzom Calculator is a platform that solves calculations and display the steps-to-the-answer solutions for easy comprehension and understanding.

Nickzom Society enables users to ask questions and post assignments in order to get help from professionals in solving or answering their problems as a community.

Nickzom Freelance is a platform that provides a means for anybody to order for an application whether web, mobile or desktop to be developed. In freelance, we develop your apps for you at a reasonable price.

Nickzom Developer is also a platform for anyone skilled in writing HTML and JavaScript codes to write programs that solves calculations and show the steps accurately and earn money accordingly.

The Nickzom Empire is a start up company and is growing everyday to meet the needs of the world at large.

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