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Become A Nickzom Developer
Write HTML and JavaScript Codes To Be Integrated Into Nickzom Calculator and Get Paid

Nickzom Calculator is a platform that solves calculation problems and displays the parameters, steps and solution accurately and accordingly in order for the user to easily comprehend.

As a Nickzom developer, your task is to look for calculation problems in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering that are not currently on the platform write the codes to solve this calculation problem showing the steps in the order below and get paid to your stipulated bank account at the end of the month once your wallet has a minimum of ₦2500

Nickzom Calculator Development Steps

  • Browse through Nickzom Calculator, look for any calculation problem in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering you can solve that is not in the platform.
  • Arrange and type the calculation problem your codes will solve in a folder format and save in a text file (.txt).
    For Example:
    	Simple Interest
  • Sign Up / Sign In to your account, create a project, name your project the title of the calculation problem you want to solve with your codes. For Example: Simple Interest. Fill the form, submit and wait for a notification from us.
  • If we approve your project, we would make you an offer for your codes. You have 3 chances to negotiate the price with us as a Novice Nickzom Developer [beginner's rank].
  • Once we reach an agreement on the price and the stipulated date for submission of the codes, your task begins immediately.
  • Use HTML to create your form(s) to collect user input.
    Copy this format, use and save as a HTML file (.html)
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <script type = "text/javascript" src = "{js-file-name}.js"></script>
    <form action = "#" id = "myForm">
    <table class = "pppp" cellpadding = "10px" cellspacing = "10px">
    <tr class = "wrapup">
    <td>Enter {the parameter}:</td><td><input type = "text" name = "parameter" value = "" id = "parameter" required/></td>
    <td><input type = "button" class = "internalA" id = "buttonPress" value = "Calculate"/></td>
    <div id = "result"></div>
  • Once your form(s) is/are ready, the next step is to write the javascript codes for the form(s) in the project.
    Make use of this format to write the javascript codes and save as .js.
    function start(){
    var button = document.getElementById("buttonPress");
    button.addEventListener("click", myButtonPress, false);
    function myButtonPress(){
    	var parameterText = document.getElementById("parameter").value;
    	var parameter = parseFloat(parameterText);
    	// declare and initialize the string that would be appended to the HTML file
    	var result = "";
    	// check if the parameter is empty
    	if (parameterText === ""){
    		result += "<p><font color = "red">Nickzom detects an empty text field.</font></p>";
    	// check if the parameter is a number
    	else if (isNaN(parameterText)){
    		result += "<p><font color = "red">Nickzom requires you to enter a numerical value in all text field(s).</font></p>";
    		// write codes to perform the computation
    		// display the parameters and what they stand for in the computation
    		// display values the user enter as to the parameters
    		/* For Example:
    			result += "You entered 2.5 as the rate.";
    		// display the steps, one by one and accurately for the user to understand.
    		// display the answer
    	document.getElementById("result").innerHTML = result;
    window.addEventListener("load", start, false);
  • Test your codes appropriately to ensure that it is fully functional.
  • Once you are satisfied with your codes, compress the folder that contains the HTML file(s) and JavaScript file(s) to a zip file.
  • Sign In to your account, click on submit zip file and upload the zip file.
  • Wait for 24 hours for us to verify your project. If there is a problem with your project, you will be notified to make the necessary changes.
  • Once your project has been verified, accepted and integrated into the platform , your Nickzom wallet would be credited immediately and your project now becomes a property of Nickzom.
  • NB: You can only withdraw money from your Nickzom Wallet to your Bank Account at the end of the month if you have up to ₦2500 in your Nickzom Wallet
  • The next step is to publicize Nickzom Calculator in your social media platforms to boost your rank and get more points as a Nickzom developer.
  • NB: The higher your rank as a Nickzom developer, the faster your projects would be viewed, verified, accepted and integrated into Nickzom Calculator
  • Also, the higher your rank the more chances you have to negotiate your price with us for your project before development.
  • For enquiries, comments, complaints, reports etc. Please Contact Us through our Nickzom Calculator Platform.
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